Tuesday, February 05, 2013

To be influential or not to be, is that the question? In the Indie Pub world

To be influential or not to be, is the the question? In the Indie Pub world.
Are you only a bag of bones?

Now let us see.

If you have a few authors that like you? Does that make you influential?
If you are an author and have a few thousand followers but sell 3 books a month! Does that make you influential?
If Amazon says you are below the 5000 mark of reviewers, you've made it baby, your in the big leagues....influential?

Ok so lets leave books and put it this way.
If you live in a country with 40 M people, and have 13 friends that you can call upon at night with a flat tyre... influential or fortunate to have really good friends?
If you sell say....Tupperware or soap or vitamins and only have three sales in a month..but received 3000 replies on a giveaway in that same month? Is the product defunct? Your sales technique? Or do you have 3000 people that is in it solely for personal gain?
If you go to work and your job says out of the 10 000000 people they employ and have employed, you are the one that pitched up at work most in the past 5 years.... influential or dilligent?

Why these random questions?
To lead you to this. 
If you are in this to gain money or prestige - get out.  Neither is likely.
If you are under the impression that YOU alone can make a difference between somebody else having bread on the table or not, GET OUT.  You do not get the great grand scheme of things.

If you love to read, support, learn and in general be a nice person not an important person, then and then alone my friends will you turn into something more than a Bag Of Bones.....
This is an Indie world, our world a new world.  Influence is worth nothing more than the next post.  So get with the programme.... do what you do cause you love it.  Cause I for one, am tired of enabling, dragging along and motivating the unmotivated.  I am even more tired of delusions of grandeur....

How do you love, support and learn.... by not leaching from others.  By no longer expecting others to save you and to not play up your own impression of import.  You do the opposite.  You give.. you work and you get the figures that your one of a billion people and that the chances of your opinion being THE opinion is about as likely as it is that Monica Lewinsky is still employed in the White House. 
So lets help!!!!

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