Friday, February 22, 2013

Extra, Extra 3 in 1 reviews

Pandora's Box by Julia Dweck and Illustrated by Chris Robertson
What an enchanting story for children aged 3+.  The illustrations is nice and sweet.  The author has a good solid plot with a moral of helping and believing in your friends.  I am sure most children will be delighted with this story.  I know it casts it's spell over me.
Seeing that the age group is so young I can't help but think that they would give this book a well deserved 5 * rating.
Zombie-Kids Go Green by Julia Dweck and Illustrated by Mark Draisey.
Now this story had me totally hooded from the first two lines of rhyme and the suberb graphics up until the end where we are all taught that we need to look after our own planet.  These zombie-kids is an inspiration to all, even recycling body parts when the need arises. 
This is truly an enchanting story that I am sure will keep both the kids and parents reading it, engaged and giggling.
A 5 * read with no shadow of a doubt in my mind, irrespective of your age.
My Boyfriend Merlin by Priya Ardis is a delightful quick and entertaining read.
The story of a modern day Merlin riding a Ducati is one that is told in such a fashion that it almost seems to be logical and probable.  The main protagonist is a real girl who' most will find they are able to relate to. 
Merlin is still a young man and he is still the most powerful wizard in the world, but he is not all sweet and passive and I loved his character. 
I think what I loved most about the book is the ease of the read and the fact that the author has an uncanny knack to keep the tempo of the book relaxed and exciting all the time! You don’t stop turning the pages but you are also not on the edge of your chair the entire time.  This is a rare talent indeed.
I think if you love YA paranormal then you will adore this book.
I give it a 4 * rating and recommend that you pick up a copy.  I know I will read the next book in the series someday, hopefully soon.
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