Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Helga Returns by Wendy Nystrom illustrated by Kelly Murray

Helga Returns
James and Syvok Adventure 2
Written by Wendy Nystrom Illustrated by Kelly Murray
What a delightful story for children.
I love the language usage which is simple and descriptive all in one.  It is written for children but is never patronizing and it manages to introduce them to concepts not necessarily familiar like Fjord's glaziers etc. 
Also due to indigenous names it will introduce young readers to new sound structures that will prove to be invaluable in the future for them.  One such example is Syvok, James partner in crime. 
Helga a troll is a sweet character that is introduced for the first time in this the second book in the series that has a naivety that makes her all the more endearing.  The one person I do feel bad for in this book is James' mother. If only the poor woman knew… lol.  Good thing she does not. 
All in all I found it delightful and a nice change of pace for me. 
I am sure this will delight many a young boy and girl and thus worth the 5 * rating I am giving it.
* * * * *

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