Monday, February 18, 2013

Meeting Charmaine Pauls

Meeting Charmaine Pauls! Yes that is my book boys and gals
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So every reader has a dream.  Be it being the number one reader on Goodreads, having lunch with the Oprah Winfrey book club or sitting down, Bourbon in hand with Stephen King.  We all have dreams. 
On Saturday, 16th Feb one of mine came true.  I met author Charmaine Pauls in South Africa in the flesh. 
So -- knowing her on Facebook, perceptions were formed.  What I found when I met the person were not far off the mark.  I met a beautiful woman that could be the main female protagonist in any love story the world over.  To beat het external beauty was the beauty she radiated from within of being a woman who knows who she is and where she is going with her life all the while keeping her feet firmly grounded.
The turnout for the signing was impressive but what really drew my attention were the shop attendants, she even had them enthralled.  By the time it got to the signing of books, one after the other made off with a book to the tills and came back… they were as much under her spell as were the rest of us.
So what did we talk about, well we talked about the inspiration of her book Between Fire and Ice and her passion for opposites and how they keep balance. Of her trip to France where the idea formed and her trip back to Chile where she drew her inspiration from to do world building for the book.   
Oh she does not know who the male model is.... we asked!

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We met the inspiration behind her next release The Wine Maker -- which is her brother and her best friend of the past 25 years.  And how a person with an exceptional talent such as to smell the perfect wine bouquet meets a woman.  Having met the woman and having this gift however does not mean he is good at expressing his feelings.  So how does a wine maker court a new love… well we'll have to wait and read more.  We also discussed The Wine Makers world building inspiration which originated from Charmaine's knowledge of the booming wine trade in Chile and how they are now making some of the most exceptional wine's in the world.  We moved onto a discussion of her new book which will be released in Feb or March 2014.
What did we mainly talk about… life.  It was an inspiration to meet this author in real life, to sit back and talk as if we have known each other from the cradle and to walk away not saying I know THAT author, but to say, "Hey? Have you met my friend?'
Need a peek at her first release?  You can find it here --

So a few hours after the signing I send a BlackBerry message to my sister whom I dragged along very willingly.  She naturally bought a book and had it signed by Charmaine.  Her curt response.  Ssh, I am reading Between Fire and Ice, well talk on Monday…geez thank you so much.  Lol.  But that my friends are the highest form of a compliment.  When people is so engrossed by a new world created for them that they do not want to take a minute away from that world to deal with this one.
I loved meeting Charmaine and hope to one day sit back and say,.. Charmaine was the first Indie author I met in person, since then I have had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of 1000 others and now she is here again for another signing, I can't wait to talk to her again.
Afraid you might loose her on all these links... Find her on Amazon and once you read this part...

South African born Charmaine Pauls followed a career path in all the facets of her communications degree, including public relations, journalism, advertising, graphic design, photography and brand marketing. The author resides in Chile with her husband and children.
and see this pic
Well then you know you have the correct author.  Thank you Charmaine for making my Saturday a very memmorable one and my brother in law, I am sure is thanking you for the opportunity to watch some sport on tv.... sorry Yvette. 


  1. Great post! Charmaine looks like she's having as much fun at the signing as you did!

    Would you allow me to post the photo you have of her on her publisher's Facebook page, linking back to this post of course?

  2. Wow! You certainly made an impression there! Sounds like you sold loads of books. too. Well done, Charmaine!

  3. Congratulations- great bit of news there.

    Jack Wear

  4. Thank you everyone! We did have great fun.