Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cain: The Waite Family

Cain: The Waite Family
A romance that will appeal to those who love a bit of erotic/explicit literature.
I loved the plot line, the riches to rags to riches line was entertaining and gripping.  The characters were well developed and the protagonists had good reason to feel threatened, intimidated and sense evil from those that oppose them.  I found it interesting that both the male and female protagonists had a parent who did everything for self gain.
The world building was also very nicely done.  Life on the streets were nicely described and I loved the fact that the people on the streets had nicely fluffed out back stories that is easily understood and with which one and all can sympathize and empathize.
The sex, erotic or explicit as it was, and I must say in context it was more explicit than erotic made sense within the story line but I once again realized that it is not my favorite thing in the world to read.  My lack of appreciation is however the one thing that will make this series a hit and well loved by many of my friends who feels cheated if a book does not contain this element.
A 4 * read and well worth it. 

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