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Alzheimers Dutiful Daughter by Don Canaan and Shawn Graves

Alzheimers Dutiful Daughter by Don Canaan and Shawn Graves

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Everything changed when Laura turned thirteen and her father developed Alzheimer's disease. She became the perfect caregiver daughter. She literally and figuratively became her dad's caregiver. Just ask anyone who has ever known her, especially her schizophrenic mother. Laura devoted her life to taking care of her parents, even when it meant the loss of her own hopes and dreams.

But as she matured, Laura decided it was time for her to reclaim her life. And she did so by setting off on a journey to gather the shattered pieces of her past so that she could forge a new future.

Detective Liz Roberts, whose problems also include being abandoned by her birth mother, is assigned to a case when a confused man is found alone, wandering around the Big Fresno Fair, unable to tell anyone who he is or where he came from. The only clue to his identity is a piece of paper in his pocket that says, “My name is Larry.” As Liz uncovers his identity, she also begins to uncover long-kept secrets.

Meanwhile, an upcoming family event may force the detective to face her own painful past.

My Review

Laura is a dutiful daughter.  Although her father does not develop Alzheimer's when she is 13 as the blurb suggests, he does develop this and is a harmless, hapless old man who has one desire only, to get a party of four together for a round of golf.  But then he is found at the Fresno fair.  Dehydrated alone and the only clue is a note that reads "My name is Larry".
Detective Liz Roberts gets involved in identifying him and soon the story escalates.  What happened to his daughter, a kidnap victim at age 13, was she taken again? Her mother when alive physically threatened the life of Laura, could this be part of it.  Her doting father, protected her, bought her only the best guarded her and protected her. 
This doting father is admired by ex colleagues, neighbors and casual acquaintances alike.  All but one man sees Laura's father as the epitome of a caring parent.  But can he be lying? Can he have an agenda, and if he does, what does he gain?
The story takes twists and turns and keeps the reader intrigued.  The reality of the true base nature of the story gets hinted at long before it gets revealed and in so doing serves to heightens the readers anticipation for clarity.  These revelations however does not solve the problem for with them new information of even more vile deeds come to the fore.
I loved reading this book and found it a quick and engaging read.  The sub plot of the detective with her own dysfunctional family background adds spice and an extra depth to the story but never overshadows.
I would definitely read more fiction by these authors especially if they collaborate in the endeavor again.
A 5 * psychological thriller.  One I highly recommend you read. 

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