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Releasing The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm, #1)Releasing The Wolf by Dianna Hardy
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Review 6*****

I love reading paranormal romances, so when I found out that the author was releasing this one in December last year, I quickly got myself a copy. Unfortunately, I have only now just managed to get to read it. I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner, because I absolutely LOVED it!

Lydia Martin is a fantastic character. She thinks herself to be a normal woman, with a very high libido and who dreams of a mystery lover. However, she soon finds out she is not who she thought she was, and her world will never be the same again. I loved her character growth as she discovered who, and what, she was.

It is difficult to do a character breakdown of the other members of this story without giving away any spoilers, so I'm not even going to try. However, I will say that Ryan, Taylor and Lawrence are H.O.T.!!! and leave it at that. *Fanning myself here!!* ;)

This an extremely fast paced story that is full of danger, mystery, intrigue and sexy scenes! I struggled to put it down! In fact, I read it in one sitting. There are a few twists and turns that surprised me, but there is a huge twist near the end that completely threw me! I loved it, but I may never look at wolf packs the same way again! The cliffhanger at the end has me looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Cry Of The Wolf.

Dianna Hardy is on my favourite authors list, and I would read anything she writes. Her books are well written and extremely entertaining. The characters are extremely lifelike and likeable. However, a word of warning: this story contains scenes of explicit sex and some violence. Therefore, I do not recommend this book to younger readers (16-). I do, however, highly recommend this book if you love erotic paranormal romances. - Lynn Worton

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