Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tasting Never (Never Say Never, #1)Tasting Never by C.M. Stunich
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Wow! This is a fantastic start to an amazing trilogy! I LOVED IT!

Never Ross is a character I would actually like to meet! She is abrasive and comes off as standoffish, but as the story unfolds, I found myself actually admiring her. She is a difficult character to pigeon-hole, as there are many facets and layers to her. At first, I thought she was a bit shallow, looking for attention from any guy she could find. And, to a point, I was right, but as the story unfolded, I realised that she was looking for love in the wrong place.

Ty McCabe *Swoon!* is also a fantastic character. He has his own issues to deal with. However, I found him to be a stable and calming influence on Never. They say that opposites attract, but these two are just as similar, as they are different.

This is a romance story that is EPIC! I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this story, but once I started it, I couldn't put it down! This book is addictive! I found myself gripping onto my Kindle and going through a rollercoaster ride of emotions! I loved the way the hate-love relationship between these two characters developed. The story is extremely fast paced, and I was completely thrown when I came to the end - I didn't want it to finish! Luckily, the second story, Finding Never is out now. I will be reading it as soon as I can!

C.M. Stunich has written an amazing New Adult novel that sent butterflies chasing in my stomach with excitement! I think she is definitely going on my "Favourite Authors" list!
This book does mention sexual situations (although not too explicit) and contains bad language. Therefore, I do not recommend it for younger readers. However, I do highly recommend this book if you love intense romances! - Lynn Worton

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