Monday, March 18, 2013

Heavens Night by Harry Aderton

Heavens Night by Harry Aderton

I get goose bumps when I watch a movie and the music culminates towards the point where the forces of good vs. evil drawing the battle lines during the crescendo of the lyrics of an expertly chosen song.  Seldom if even have I gotten those same chills whilst reading but from page 295 until 305 that is exactly what happened. 

It gave me a thrill, the battle epic in nature, the realisation that turns the tide so logical and yet so far out of reach comes with the clarity of a lightning bolt. 

This is a story of love, the love soul mates share is embodied in what is shared by Sariel, an Archangel and his other half, Requel. 
It is the story of the fall of a third of the Angelic forces and the idea's and the logic behind the fall is portrayed so realistically and with such clarity that the reader is sucked in, left with nothing in the end but the notion that one needs faith.  This faith however is questioned time after time after time, battle after brutal battle.  Then the words is spoken "Stay with Me" and a mind shift takes place and with it a sway in the tide of the battle. 
During the battle in scenes with some of the best ever world building descriptions I have ever come across the Archangel Michael speaks another truth again swaying a tide and changing history... "My Father gave Me dominion over Heaven and Earth! Can you say the same...?"

Between world building extraordinaire characters so real you at times want to hug them, slap them and throw a sock at them, amidst all of these you find a talent for story telling that is going to become a talent to be reckoned with.  With this first book in what I hope is a series this author managed to establish himself as a firm favourite of mine.  If you like Christian Fan Fiction, then trust me, this is the book for you. 

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