Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hive the fourth book in the Species series by J K Accinni.

Hive the fourth book in the Species series by J K Accinni.

Hive, enter stage left Lorna and Seth, newcomers, Lorna is a suburban grandmother and Seth is well, Seth is Seth. 

Set Lorna, Seth, Lorna's granddaughters and a stray teenage girl against a post apocalyptic scene and I dare you to not make the choices Lorna makes, the same choices that she is beating herself up for at the end of the book. 

Enter stage right.  The Hive, the womb a place an entity which is set up to save the most precious commodity earth has, its animals.  The Hive as we know it is what we as humans know as Heaven, Angels etc.  I kept waiting for the author to upset my Christian values with this premise but she never did.  She kept the hive logical and her explanations simple and easy to follow.  No offence could be taken via her interpretation of the higher power we Christians call upon daily.

Now we have Abbey, Scotty and a hopscotch crew up old and new characters in the hive, waiting for the last bomb to drop.  Literally.  Armageddon is here and we started a war that nobody can win. 

Now we have a few loops, twists, turns, and angles not explored hereto, the author has made human depravity obvious but never as obvious as in Hive.  The exploitation of the weak in the midst of calamity is ride no reader will forget. 
But the Hive itself has a few secrets, what are Baby and Echo up to?
Who is the man Will and Nettie is conversing with?
What is up with the tiger?
Is a deity beyond revenge?
These questions I hope to have answered in The One asap because I have no doubt that I will read it as soon as it becomes available on Amazon. 

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