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Book Review of Caleo (Leech) : Book 1 by james crawford

Caleo (Leech, #1)Caleo by James Crawford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review 6******

WOW! This is a fantastic story! I loved it!

Caleo Anima is a wonderful character! He is a warm and loving eighteen year old boy, but because of his pale skin and snow white hair, he is seen as an oddity and is shunned by most of his peers. I think this is very sad! I would love to meet him in real life! Maybe because I'm a bit of an outcast myself, I understand what he is going through! Caleo is a teenager with the usual teen problems (bullies, being ostracised and being (possibly) gay). However, all that pales in comparison to what is about to happen. He is thrust into a hidden war, when he finds out that he has powers that both sides would like to use. Caleo, along with his cousins Jack and Jillian, is thrust into an adventure full of danger and intrigue.

I hadn't heard of this book until I was invited to an event on Facebook for the release. When I got my copy, I was completely hooked from the first page! It starts off with an amazing and unusual event that shocked me! I struggled to put the book down after that! This is a completely unique story that pits different camps of "Leeches" (people with special abilities/powers) against each other and humans. I loved the way the story flowed. It was fast paced, but it didn't feel rushed. I loved meeting Jack and Jillian. They are fascinating characters, but I must admit that Jillian came across a bit stuck up and uptight. She loosened up a bit and became more likeable as the story progressed. Jack, on the other hand, I would love as a brother! His sense of humour had me sniggering. He's full of himself, but in a completely likeable way. As the story progressed, I got to meet some other fascinating characters that had me wondering what their agenda was; There's a friend that is an enemy, and an enemy that is a friend! The intrigue of that alone would have had me hooked, never mind the other stuff that happened!
The ending has a cliffhanger that made me gasp! I hate endings like this, but I also love them. Cliffhangers are the bane of readers such as myself! The problem with them is that they make a reader want to read the next book right away! I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, called Jack, as soon as I can!

james crawford has written an amazing story that is totally unique and exciting! I am adding this author to my "Favourite Authors" list, and will be on the look out for more of this author's work in the future.

I HIGHLY recommend this book if you love paranormal/science fiction/YA genres. - Lynn Worton

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