Monday, May 06, 2013

Sebastian by Christoph Fischer

Sebastian by Christoph Fischer his second book in the three nations series

Sebastian is a character driven story of a non practising Jewish boy who looses his leg before WWI!
This loss impacts him personally and also ensures that he is not drafted for the war. His mother Vera, a woman
who coddles her son and with a nervous disposition gets involved with a group of Jewish woman!

Thus far the story seems clear does it not? A boy-man with a leg lost a non-practising Jewish mother meeting up with kindred spirits... But your wrong. In essesance this book is about prophecies and personal beliefs that hinders and shape our characters in ways unexpected. Self-fulfilling prophecies makes Sebastian loose his girlfriend and unborn child? His own family has little to do with this particular set of events but in their own way, with their own beliefs they set events in motion!

Most of this book is about growth, and the ending was filled with hope! I kept wondering if these peoples lives would have turned out better if their inner dialogues and belief systems were positive instead of paranoid and negative! What I liked best? The way the story made me think and the setting in Vienna that gave me a glimpse into unexplored territory for me.

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