Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Raving Violet by Valerie Gilbert

Raving Violet
Valerie Gilbert
I listened to this book on Audio the narrator is the author herself Valerie Gilbert.
So when I signed on for this I did not know what I was signing on for. 
Right now, I am very glad for that. 
Valerie took blog posts she has written and put them together in book form then in audio book form where she decided to narrate herself. 
This is not an avenue I would recommend for most authors but she pulled it off brilliantly. 
The blog posts, ranging from branding to parenthood to decking the cards towards a positive point of life view is entertaining, funny and at stages makes you think.
I loved this. 
I'll keep it for this is the type of thing you can listen to over and over and again and keep learning with every listen. 
Some of which the author discuss is not part of my life view. 
But that is fine. 
I read to broaden my horizons not to keep new ideas out. 

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