Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evil Among Us by J K Accinni

Evil Among Us Species Intervention # 6609 by J K Accinni

Evil Among Us [Book 5 in the Species intervention series]
This has been an amazing series and in this the penultimate book in the series some secrets have been revealed to the reader.
Baby and Echo have indeed been up to no good.  But you will need to read it for yourself to see what they have been up to.
Seth …..What to say about him.  The dark side in me would have made his end gorier but I did not write the book so I had to be content with his death.
Kenya is still pregnant and herein lies my problem with the logic of the narrative, I followed it nicely where it was explained why Kenya will remain pregnant as long as she is in the hive.  Then I remembered the piglets…thank you Seth!!! And three elephants fell pregnant and birthed…. hmmm.  So now I no longer understand the logic and how it is valid for one species but not for the other.
In this book the author really, really pushes the envelope against the human race and were I not too such a large degree in agreement with her regarding our continual negative impact I think I might have started to take offence at some stage during this book.  My love for animals saved me from this judgment although it did cross my mind that it might be hard for others to follow.  That however will only be an issue if the reader has not read the series in sequence. 
The strife that Seth causes and the residual effects of his poison within the Hive was expertly done by the author as character's goes Seth is a guy I loved to hate…. and I mean Hate.  Even after his death the Hive is still in upset and it worked perfectly to show how one evil influence affects everything even after it has been removed.  I loved this part of the story. 
Nettie … hmm her reaction to what Baby and Echo did shocked me.  I am unsure as to why.  It was very human and very understandable but I had come to believe that she and Will together with some of the other elders have moved on and ascended to a higher state of being.  If I were in the Hive I would not have been so easy to accept her action and I would have been very weary of somebody with this much power still being ruled by her emotions.

All in all a great fast read.  I would ideally give it a 4.5 star rating but since it is not an option I will go with a 5*. 

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