Monday, April 29, 2013

Amanda DeWees

In a character driven plot like this I am usually weary.
I find that authors make 14 year old sounds like 50 year olds and I am over yesterday's hero complexes.
I think by page 15 I knew that this was no ordinary YA. Joy is a girl any girl can identify with.
She is not a w.itch nor is she a brat, she is normal girl who will do stupid things to be accepted by stupid people.

Here we move onto the main male protagonist. Tanner. Oh boy, I sure could put a face and a body to this one.
Here not overly much emphasis was placed on him which was nice and refreshing and we learned what we needed via Joy.

Aah.... our favourite person to hate in the book -- - The ever so perfect Melisande. I consider any author as accomplished the moment they can make me feel something towards their characters such as with Melisande.

The school made an terrific backdrop acting as a character all on it's own muting and amplifying the supernatural facets of the story all at once.
I know one thing, I am glad I own the rest of the series already.

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