Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Eternal Island By K S Haigwood has an eternal fan.

I am at a stage where I am kinda fed up with vampires.  Good ones at least.  I miss the old type, the blood sucking monster types.
I also had my fill of witches that is the most powerfull of all witches.
Love triangles have gone trite.
So when I started this book and our main protagonist found herself in a coma, I sighed in relief. 
Here was a story that was off the beaten path.
Alas, she is taken to Eternal island to meet and mate with the King of Vampires.
But hang on....
This island is unlike anything I have read before.
Here you find witches and vampires, ruled by a vampire.  Humans are allowed but if they leave they have all knowledge of the isle wiped.
Ok, so this is new.
The plot line in the book is paced almost perfectly, the reader gets enough time to catch their breath a moment before they are lead into a new adventure.
The love affair is not a triangle as much as it is a head over heels I love you forever and ever.
This book, with so many elements in it that I am growing tired off turned out to be a blast to read. 
If you like witches and vamps, a love story of epic proportions and an evil that is really evil -- then you must get a copy. 
I cant believe how much of a fun read this turned out to be.

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