Wednesday, April 24, 2013

But hey, that is an opinion and everybody is entitled to them.

I have something to say about people
I know this might not be a popular post but guess what, I do not care…. 
Why do I not care, because that is the topic of discussion?  People who feel that their opinion is WORTH so much that they can badger, assault, intimidate and persecute people with it.  You don’t believe me, you don’t need to, and it is only my opinion. 

You don’t believe me… let me put it to you this way.  Hitler had an opinion about the superiority of the Arian race.  Millions died because nobody shut him up.  But hey, that is an opinion and everybody is entitled to them.

A man who never lifts his hands to hit his wife but keeps badgering her telling her she is fat, stupid etc is causing scars that might never heal.  While a broken rib might.  But hey, that is an opinion and everybody is entitled to them.

Assault.  Let's see.  Now if I were to tell you that I think you are unfair.  You made the wrong choice in the choice you made and are paying for.  That this behavior makes you less of a man, woman… geez that starts to sound like mental assault.  But hey, that is an opinion and everybody is entitled to them.

Intimidate with an opinion.  Ah, here we do not need to go back to the previous century, our dear politicians the world over does it daily.  The death of the Prime Minister, Maggie Thatcher is here a brilliant example.  The website that is up, saying ding dong the witch is dead, put up by people not even born when she took milk from the preschoolers…. intimidation.  If she were alive she could have made a case against them and won it.  But hey, that is an opinion and everybody is entitled to them.
Persecution, now this one is a doozy.  Do we need to go back to Hitler...Nah.?  Do we go to the UK? Nah, do we make this international… yes we can but why not make it personal.  See, for those trolls on the internet that sends virtual high fives in discussion boards after persecuting a person, persons for their taste etc…. really.  I don’t even high five in real life.  For those that choose social media sites to say their say and in the process break down somebody else's character… that my friends remain persecution.  But hey, that is an opinion and everybody is entitled to them.

So is freedom of speech sooo important.  Yes it is.  I firmly believe that.  But my opinionated friends never forget that you have a voice to state that the manner in which this freedom is used may not be to your personal liking.  Hitler might have built a brilliant nation without ever lifting a gun or a force if he believed enough in his own mantra's and did not think might is right.  We will never know.  The husband might encourage his wife to lose some weight by making her feel desirable and switching to a new eating regime.  I can tell somebody that I disagree with their opinion and not make it into verbal assault.  I believe I am doing that right here and right now.  The people who now so strongly resist Margaret Thatcher, people aside from the bad taste to speak ill of the dead in such a manner, never ever tell me it is a good thing a person died.  You yourself are not Duncan McLeod from the clan McLeod and neither are your children but that aside, if you did not agree with her politics say that, do not relish in her death.  Persecution, I am sorry.  All it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to sit by and say nothing.  Hence forth I will be raising my own opinions. 
That is all.  But hey, that is an opinion and everybody is entitled to them.


  1. Not sure what this is about, but that last statement about "All it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to sit by and say nothing" is something that I really believe in. When myself and one of my stepfather's other victims fought to put him behind bars, my mother and his family totally shunned us and made us feel as if we were the ones in the wrong. I knew I would never quit, but half expected her to cave in. When I asked her one day if she thought she would actually go through with the court case even when it felt as if the whole world was against us, she replied "Evil prevails when good men do nothing..."
    Pretty much the same thing and I will never forget that saying :) We held strong and he got 7 years, but it did take a huge toll on our health and loved ones. It was worth it in the end though

    1. I say I think that people should stop hiding behind popular sayings to avoid being seen as rude and ignorant so your example is a perfect fit for this convo. Wanda

  2. I like that. We all have our opinions but it is a matter of choice if we choose to voice them and if we do it is all about tact. The way I see it is I can be an opinionated cow at times, but as I get older I choose to take a step back and not shove my opinions down other ppls throats and hopefully others will do the same. Because at times I dont want to just virtually high five someone in the face I want to do it for real.
    Also, if someone has an opinion be prepared to argue your case and back it up with facts ;)
    The world would be a boring place if we all thought the same way and agreed on everything ;)

  3. Ha ha ha, have a virtual High 5 from me Lavinia! Wanda

  4. Excellent post Wanda! I happen to agree with your opinions... :)

  5. Opinions are one thing and i love opinions to be backed up, as Lavinia says, with FACTS. Rudeness is something else. It will never win you friends and will win you enemies. It is pointless.Isn't life hard enough without the ignorance of rudeness?

  6. In one of my short stories, the wife who's been verbally abused for years finally has had enough. He, of course, has to keep abusing so he goes with her. There's only a driver's side airbag and she's driving. She runs the car into a bridge abutment at 70 miles per hour. Was kind of hoping to send a message.

    Basically, rudeness, is something that will be acted upon after a while.


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