Thursday, April 11, 2013

Highway to Hell by Alex Laybourne

Highway to Hell by Alex Laybourne is a horror you dont want to miss. 

At the start of the book the reader is introduced to a few characters that all seem to die a brutal and untimely death.
Here I started to fear that this might be a confusing book to follow with so many characters introduces in such a short span of time.  My fears were unfounded.
The reader is taken into hell with some of these characters, literally.  Their stomach turning torture is devised and each individual goes through torture that no living person would survive, good thing they are dead.  This part of the book is really dark and deeply disturbing and I really liked the dark edge to the story even if it got to be a bit drawn out for me at times.  Here is the first really funny irony.  Every time I got to the point where it got to be a bit much for me and too drawn out the author managed to bring me back to reality and make me see that these poor protagonists is actually physically suffering through this day after day, night after night for decades at a time.  So in this aspect the author did a brilliant job in getting some of the true tribulation through to the reader.
Then the torture is over, at least the type the protagonists and the reader have come accustomed to.  A new set of torture is introduced.  We find two of our protagonists caught up in a maze with no idea of where they are heading or why.  But go, they must, as they navigate the maze to a destination unknown they meet up with others and by the end of this section the reader is left with six main protagonists! The second irony, 6 people are saved from Hell, see where I am going with this?
These types of hidden ironies can be find everywhere in the book and really adds substance to the story. 
Then enters the Angels.  The beings of hope and love and promise of light, but they are not all they seem to be and they saved our six protagonist to go on a quest for the lines between good and evil is no longer clear, enemies once were brothers and little is as it seems. 
The cliff hanger ending to this book ensured that I will definitely read the next book, I need to know who they need to find and why….

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